Band Biography

Hate Beast was created by Aaron Havlicek, Dave Ernster, Terry Engle and Kevin Dupre in 2006. All 3 original members of Hate Beast (Havlicek, Dupre and Ernster) previously played in the band Dimention (1996-2003). Carlos Lebron joined Hate Beast in 2008 after Dave Ernster left the band. Terry Engle left Hate Beast in 2010 and was replaced by Yousif Del Valle in 2011.


Del Valle
  • Role: Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocal
  • Previous Bands or Side Projects: Dimention
  • Equipment Used: Marshall Amp and Cab, Furman Power Conditioner, ISP Decimator Noise Reductor, Boss Pedals, Dunlop Tortex Picks. Ibanez, Gibson, Jackson and B.C. Rich Guitars.
  • Role: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
  • Previous Bands or Side Projects: Big O and the Shakers (drums), Leah G. (bass and drums)
  • Equipment Used: Marshall Cab, Peavey JSX Amp, Boss Pedals, MXR Carbon Delay Pedal, Dunlop Black Ice Picks. B.C. Rich and Fender Guitars.
  • Role: Bass, Backing Vocal
  • Previous Bands or Side Projects: Cwn Annwn
  • Equipment Used: Modulus Q4, Bryce Fretless, Gallien-Krueger 700RBII
  • Role: Percussion, Drums
  • Previous Bands or Side Projects: Electric Dead (TX), You Kan Be Killed (TX), Blind By Midnight (MN), Last Breath Ashore (MN) *Active*
  • Equipment Used: Tama Pedals, Evans and Aquarian Drum Heads, Zildjian, Paiste and Sabian Cymbals, Ludwig Hardware and Ludwig Accent Series Drum Kit
  • Dave Ernster: Lead Guitar
  • Andy Steinbrok: Lead Guitar
  • Terry Engle: Drums